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What Is Mid-Term Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing are fully furnished houses that are available on a temporary basis. You might also hear this type of housing referred to as: short term housing, vacationer apartments, executive apartments or temporary condition furnished apartments.

The average stay in corporate housing is usually three months. Corporate housing can be condominiums or apartments. They may also be single family homes and detached luxury homes as well.

For many years, business travelers and relocated employees were the primary users of these type of houses. Now, the average individual has found these houses to be an attractive option and the most efficient and economical form of temporary housing. People select furnished housing to “get the feel” of a location before deciding to purchase a home. They may be displaced due to a disaster and insurance reasons. They also may want to check-out the school district, shopping and future neighbors. Some may wish to live in a residential area while working on a project. Whatever their reasons, corporate housing has become a solid best choice for a temporary stay!

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