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Tips For Finding The Best Short Term Rental

Often, people need to find somewhere to live for just a few weeks or months. This may be true for you if you’re going to be temporarily living somewhere for work, a quick relocation, a temporary living situation or for play. You may need to find a vacation rental for a lengthy getaway, or to test out living in a new location before purchasing a new house. If one of these situations is yours, short term housing might be perfect for you. However, you might not know how to find a short term rental.

If you are not familiar with the best way to find a short term apartment lease, follow our quick guide for help. Read further to learn about the different types of short term rentals and how to decide on the best one for you.

Is it a legitimate short term rental?

Here are a few things to know to stay protected as a tenant:

  • Only consider listings with pictures of the inside and outside of the property.
  • Reach out to the owner to ask questions.
  • Do a little research.  A Google search of the property and the surrounding area can be valuable.
  • Keep your money safe. Before you send any deposit or payments, be sure to get a copy of your rental agreement. This not only protects you but it helps you avoid working with a sketchy landlord or property owner. 
Do you need to furnish a short term rental?

Furniture can be expensive if you are leasing an empty building. While we offer furnished houses, there are some that do not and this is one of many items that make us different and a better choice for your short-term leasing needs.

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